HotScots 3 – 6 Scotland Writers

Absolutely delighted to win our first game of 2018, 6-3 against HotScots. Goals from Simm (3), Mackay (2) and Mackie. I suppose we need to make Alistair man of the match, what with scoring a hat trick and that, but really strong team performance across the pitch and off the bench.

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St Johnstone Select 8 – 2 Scotland Writers

Sad to report we lost our last game of the year against a team that, it turned out, contained a few professionals. Goals from Scott and Mackie. Onwards!

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Gegen den Ball


Here’s a lovely thing – our pals from the Austrian Writers FC have put together a collection of writing from their players and all their opponents, including us! Stories from gaffer Doug Johnstone and poems from midfield maestro Billy Letford in English and German. Nice!

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National Museums of Scotland 1 -2 Scotland Writers

Delighted to report a hard fought 2-1 win over the National Museum of Scotland today. A brace of goals from Jamie Crawford. That’s a five-game winning streak this year! Also our first ever red card for McIntosh for foul and abusive language. The fucking doss cunt. Also, we were too knackered afterwards to remember to get a picture with the other team – sorry guys!

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Scotland Crime Writers 6 – 3 England Crime Writers

bs football 2017.jpeg

Hello folks! This wasn’t strictly one of our full games, but a number of our squad took part in this annual five-a-side shindig at the Bloody Scotland festival in Stirling. Scotland ran out 6-3 winners, goals from Mackay(3), Scott, Johnstone, Enger. Here’s a brief match report in The Sun, where you can see footage of Johnstone nutmegging his mate Luca Veste in goals for England. Good times!

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United Glasgow 3 – 6 Scotland Writers


Great game on Saturday against United Glasgow, ran out 6-3 winners after going 3-0 down! Goals from Mackie (4), Trialist & Trialist. Man of the match obviously Mackie but great shifts across the pitch. There was a period at the start of the second half when it was almost like REAL football, my god. Some belters from Ciaran and that fifth goal – ‘it’s just like watching Brazil’.

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Scotland Writers 4 – 2 Skara Braengers


Happy to report another fine victory for SWFC, 4-2 over archaeologists Skara Braengers. Goals from Mackie (2), Forsyth and Trialist (Mark’s mate Ross). Huge effort from all the squad, thank you so much for coming along and putting in a shift. Great debut from Tom in goal, Man of the Match a toss up between Neil Forsyth and Ciaran Mackie. Also great to see Allan Wilson back in the jersey where he belongs, kicking people up the arse. It was a hard-fought game, and my God we need to practise defending corners.

That’s three wins on the bounce – unbeaten this year!

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